Commit to Being Extraordinary

Business is a noisy place. Let us equip you with a system to consistently hear the signal over the noise.

Learn at your own speed.

All coursework includes usable sample material to build on, as well as thorough instruction on how to fit the material to your business and situation.   Additionally, we are always available to help.

The System

Find certainty in uncertain times

We will build a system for you so that you can know what’s going on in your business, understand the best operational decisions to make, and understand the likely outcomes of making those decisions.  We can tell you where to invest that will have the greatest impact on your likelihood of success moving forward.
Once established, you can maintain the system yourself, or you can have us do it for you.  Either way, every month you have clear, concise marching orders about what is having the greatest impact to your business and what to do about it. 
Perhaps best of all, you can see potential problems before they become problems.  Head trouble off at the pass — let MJP set you up for success.  Enjoy the peace that certainty brings.
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Floating Money Cashflow

The Promise

Grow. Now. We'll show you how.

MJP brings decades of experience in critical business functions from companies of all sizes:

  • Operations, Systems, and Institutional Discipline
  • Operating Performance Analysis and Structure
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Management
  • Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Visualization 
  • Program Management Expertise
  • Education, Training, and Associated Systems
  • Retention
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Marketing, including Fractional and Digital

We lead.  We scale.  We adapt.  We guide you through change teach you how to sustain the momentum.

The Partners

Who do you trust to show you the way?

We drive value by improving core business process, services, products, and execution.
In-Depth Immersion: By studying the facts and listening to you talk about your organization’s current state and by linking performance to outcomes, we quickly model changes and solutions necessary for growth.
Discovery: Transformational growth is achieved by conversations across a table and by understanding how to engage your customers in an increasingly fragmented and digital world. Our recommendations are born out of knowing how to listen for the things that matter.
Strategic Recommendations: Using proven lessons developed on the front lines, we customize clear strategies with a roadmap of deliverables focused on measurable results.
Execution: Once aligned, our team works with yours to execute, measure, and deliver growth and operational velocity.
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