Established in 1997

We have decades of experience helping businesses understand what they most need to do to accelerate their growth and success.  

Our systems make the complex simple, and while we are a business and are vigilant about our own profitability, we first and foremost want to work with you to help you with yours.  We have stringent criteria about engagement, and are determined to guide you along the continuum toward a sustainably disruptive and transformational business.  Disrupt yourself or someone else will do it for you — we show you how, and how to survive when things get tough.

We look forward to working with you.

Michael O. Johnson


We give entrepreneurs valid, verifiable points of reference for their operations so they can make well-informed, empirically based decisions.


Startups and small businesses will be able to automatically gain insight into what is happening in their business and their market, and to understand the highest impact actions they can take and the most likely outcomes for taking them.


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