Commit to being extraordinary.

Know who is going to get you there.


Michael Johnson Partners is a group of colleagues growing profitable organizations by empowering great teams to leverage competitive advantage.


Change Starts Now

We lead.  We scale.  We adapt.  And, we exist to help your company do the same.  In a world that can no longer afford to solve problems the old-fashioned way, we are a collective of multi-disciplined leaders fiercely determined to grow companies and keep them growing.

Our partnership solves challenges across business, brand, product, executive management, and technology.  We have developed a flexible, efficient model that allows us to support our clients by providing top-down leadership that drives change and accelerates growth, subject matter experts that can execute challenging tasks, and the ability to help build top-tier in-house teams through our experience and network.

People: Leadership Development

Helping build leaders and great teams, structuring companies for efficiency and growth.  Orienting teams in ways that not only improve revenue but drive margin and profitability.

Strategy: Creative Innovation

Strategy is a process that too frequently remains unexecuted.  We are all about helping businesses understand the difference between tactics, goals, objectives, and strategy, and how to manage every day toward doing what is best for the enterprise.  

 Culture: Accountable Execution

Innovative disruption is not enough -- we help create and drive strategies for transformational evolution of business innovation in ways that ensure accountability across your team.

We are devoted to helping your business create what's next.

Our Approach

We drive value by improving core business process, services, products, and execution.

In-Depth Immersion: By studying the facts and listening to you talk about your organization's current state and by linking performance to outcomes, we quickly model changes and solutions necessary for growth.

Discovery: Transformational growth is achieved by conversations across a table and by understanding how to engage your customers in an increasingly fragmented and digital world. Our recommendations are born out of knowing how to listen for the things that matter.

Strategic Recommendations: Using proven lessons developed on the front lines, we customize clear strategies with a roadmap of deliverables focused on measurable results.

Execution: Once aligned, our team works with yours to execute, measure, and deliver growth and operational velocity.